Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas bells and nostalgia

Our prompt for today is bells and this is what I found yesterday hanging on the door of a ballet gear store while on my way to do an errand.  I  opened the door and ducked inside to take a quick photo so didn't have a lot of time to compose or fiddle around.  But I'm somewhat pleased with this.  Thank goodness for the crop function!

What I would have liked to take a photo of is the old faded red leather strap with brass jingle bells attached that we hung on our front door at Christmas when I was a child.  But that's in my sister's Christmas box and she's away on a driving trip this year.   I think it's because of that jingle bell that I love this type of bell at Christmas so much.  Christmas includes so much nostalgia for me, and I think for everyone.  We tend to remember other Christmases from the past and try to either recreate them or move away from them.  No matter which we're attempting, the images and sounds bring us back.

There are some lovely photographs of bells to view today on Mortal Muses.  Take a look.


  1. Beautiful...
    I too love Jingle Bells. Lovely story to go with the picture.

    For me it is Oranges and Tangerines.
    I grew up in the desert so we always had citrus at Christmas. We didn't get toys in our stockings like kids today, maybe a small gift or two but Nuts, Ribbon Candy, Fruit filled candy and always an orange down by the toe of the stocking.
    So I like to have bowls of oranges out at Christmas.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I really like your close up.

    I love the light sound of bells during the holiday season. We have bells on our tree and they bring me back to my childhood.

  3. I too, would like to see the bells you mention! I think the pick you took came out quite nice. I personally couldn't live without cropping. Thanks for linking in!

  4. i really like bells. bells on trees that blow in the winter gusts. bells on doors that jingle as you enter and leave. bells. steven

  5. I love bells! When I was a kid we had 3 of those leather straps with bells hanging on our door each Christmas. :)

  6. They're gorgeous!
    I thought of those old leather strap bells too when this prompt came up, and then thought about why I don't actually OWN some. LOL!


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