Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nine Muses Musing, Day 1

I've recently discovered Mortal Muses, an inspiring blog of nine female photographers from around the world.   Every morning one of them posts a musing and a photo submission.  For the next 18 days this blog features Nine Muses Musing, a series of holiday prompts for creativity and I've decided to join in. Today's prompt is "giving" and here's what I came up with.

We've been honored to have some Anna's Hummingbirds overwinter this year in our plum tree.  We receive a daily gift of beauty and joy watching them  dart and fly around the feeder as they enjoy their nectar meals.  We are also happy to be able to give them the sustenance needed to make it through the winter.  It was especially gratifying during the week of freezing temperatures and snow that required us to bring the nectar indoors to thaw several times a day. I'm not sure why these birds stay on Vancouver Island in the winter as there are few, if any, nectar-producing flowers blooming now.  But there are enough people here who put out feeders that they are able to survive.

It's wonderful the way nature constantly offers us different species opportunities to give to each other if we remain alert to them.  

Check out the Mortal Muses blog to see other submissions on Giving.  And maybe you'd like to join in.


  1. Beautiful shot and story. It always amazing to give to others.
    Thanks for musing with us.

  2. So beautiful. It seems to me a case of give and take. You give and they take, but they give and you take.

    Perfect actually.


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