Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ruby Tuesday warmth

Wow, it's Tuesday already and I haven't posted for a while.  I'm looking out my window at grey and brown trees, sodden cedar boughs and a leaden sky.  It's been raining for a while and shows no signs of stopping, plus I've been fighting a cold for a few days and the cold seems to be winning.  So when  browsing through my photo archives this morning I found comfort in these images from El Quelite, just north of Mazatlan.  The colors of the walls in El Quelite are just astounding.  They bring a shot of warmth with them that I'm needing just now and I thought I'd share them here.  Happy Ruby Tuesday.  I know the bottom two photos don't really have any red in them, but the orange and yellow warm my heart as well. 

If you want to see lots of shots of red, click here for other Ruby Tuesday posts.


  1. The paint on the wall looks like an impressionist painting. Lovely! That rooster is pretty colorful, too.

  2. Beautiful photos! I hope you feel better. I'm fighting the creeping crud, too. I thought I was all better yesterday, but apparently, that's not quite true.

  3. joanna - i'm loving the colours. it's all grey scale right now. the light is almost gone. it's so low on the horizon. steven


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