Monday, December 27, 2010

A time to share

Today's prompt is sharing and in looking for an image I got to thinking that this is the one time of year when just about everyone finds opportunities to share.  Even such a little thing as hanging some ornaments on a bare tree in the front yard is a small sharing of beauty.  Of course there's the tradition of gift giving and Santa for the kids, but we also share food and treats and donate or volunteer to help others. 

For me, one of the best things about this season is the week of quiet time between Christmas and New Years.  If you're lucky enough to have this time off it's an oasis of space that can be shared by family members and friends.  I love that this is a time when there are no real expectations, and so it allows for impromptu gatherings, card games, watching videos, long walks with the dogs and cozy fires. I love this time of sharing.  

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  1. joanna - i really love seeing ornaments hanging on people's bare branched trees! i love lights wrapped around evergreens. when people do little things to bring goodness into other people's lives - however "small" they might be - i think it's so good! steven

  2. Ahhhh.... the oasis of peace. It's my favourite time of the holidays as well. Enjoy! (and thanks for sharing on MM today!)

  3. I have never-ever-had this time off. I'm thinking next year sounds good to me. Thank you for reminding me to put my request in now!

  4. I have always loved that quiet time. When I was a child it was before going back to school and now it is if we are lucky a few more days with family before they have to leave.

    I have so enjoyed your Muses posting every day.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Hi Joanna,

    Oooh I really like an "oasis of space." It's so nice to read about people enjoying simple things. Sometimes it seems Christmas is all stress for most people.

    I like your pictures on this blog, too. They fit nicely with your lovely writing.



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