Friday, December 3, 2010

Getting in the spirit

Last year at this time we were just settling into our temporary house in Mazatlan, and the year before we were hanging out in the little town of Alamos in Mexico.  This year we're here in Victoria getting into the Christmas spirit.  It's kind of a nice feeling.  I'm playing a Christmas CD and thinking about stocking stuffers and sorting out details about Christmas dinner.  Just this afternoon I went out the shed and brought in the boxes of Christmas lights, ornaments, magazines and home decor.  It's been out there for almost three years and I find I'm starting to feel a glimmer of excitement  about the season.

I have mixed feelings about Christmas, having lost a few close family members at this time of year, and now that our son Jamie is an adult there doesn't seem to be too much point in having a big celebration.  But after a break of two years from the seasonal celebration I'm ready.  We'll also have the pleasure of a visit from seven year old Callie who is still of an age for Christmas magic. Tomorrow we'll put some outdoor lights up--and so it begins.

These are Christmas colours from last year: the hibiscus and the palm fruit.


  1. I am feeling the christmas spirit edge in on me, too - after some 'dry years" *smiling*

  2. I woke up this morning with an urge to go get a tree. I must have a fever.

    Wish I were with that hibiscus.

  3. I was thinking how different this winter must be for you two. And you're right about a hiatus being a stimulus to renewed interest in traditions. Allergies here don't allow a 'real' tree...the other day I realized that that was a huge thing for me.
    Enjoy untangling those lights!

  4. I am glad your starting to get into the Christmas Spirit. It should be fun and quite new and exciting.
    Plus you always seem to enjoy where you are so I am thinking fun will be had by all !

    Personally I am very happy your not in Mexico this year. No where in Mexico is safe any more.
    Where your experiences with Mexico have been enjoyable, we who live near the border our experiences are not and getting worst.

    My Christmas is quiet and we always skype with our Japanese Family on Christmas Morning, open our gifts and chat.
    When Daughter arrives we all start going crazy with baking and cooking it has become the perfect way to enjoy our time together plus a little sightseeing never hurts !

    Celebrations change and evolve, one of my Daughter died before the Holidays and I know all about mixed feelings but life is in the living.

    Decorate your tree and turn on the light you will feel fabulous, it always works for me !

    cheers, parsnip


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