Saturday, December 11, 2010

The social whirl

We've been away from home for the past two Decembers and the busyness of these first two weeks in the month has taken us by surprise.  It seems that every group around puts on their Christmas event between December 1 and 15.  Since last Friday here's what I've attended: A musical concert,  an old girls Christmas tea at the Empress, the truck parade, lunch with family from out of town, dinner with an old friend, my book club's annual Christmas dinner, the Tai Chi potluck dinner, and the local high school's production of It's a Wonderful Life.  And we do it all in the cold and the dark.

That's not to say I haven't enjoyed the social whirl; it's been fun but I'm feeling pretty tired and I'm fighting a cold.  The funny thing is, that after tonight's Flyball Christmas party the calendar is clear until the 21st.  This will give me time to catch up with the cleaning and decorating, the Christmas shopping and planning, and the volunteering, and oh yeah, our renovation project which is proceeding apace.

We were thinking of hosting a Christmas party ourselves but have decided to hold off until January when things are quieter and people will welcome an invitation out.


  1. Maybe it's because it is cold and dark that we want to share warmth and food with others.

    I've noticed that dropping-off of partying by mid-December, too. I think we all just want to have the time to savor a bit of peace and quiet.
    Take care of your's no fun to be sick at Christmas.

  2. joanna - i'm not a party and go out person myself - not because it isn't fun but more because i really crave peacefulness!! christmas ideally is a balance of peace and light. the light coming in the form of the happy faces, the laughter, the silliness, the festivity, the music, the great food and drink. the peace - well that's that quiet internal care filled time. enjoy your days. enjoy your nights! steven

  3. Stephanie, yes it may be the dark and cold that makes us enjoy company more but I'm looking forward to some peaceful times.

    Steven, I like your idea of the balance of peace and light. I am not that much of a party person either. It takes a lot out of me to put on the sparkle. Peace to you as well.

  4. I'll come in January! Dec is way too busy!


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