Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The truck parade

 An annual event in Victoria is the truck parade, where drivers go all out decorating their big rigs and drive them through town to raise money for the food bank.  It was our first time seeing it, huddling in the wind along the Dallas Road waterfront, then back home for a cozy dinner at my sister's house.

The camera didn't do a great job of capturing the decorated trucks but you can get the idea of how they looked.  Those are reindeer on the top of the truck above.

This one is a Canada Post truck, complete with Santa in the living room viewed from the back.

I kind of like this photo with the moving lights.  Abstract art.   


  1. ultra cool!! i love the blurriness joanna - what a great idea to have the trucks trundle past all lit up like that! steven

  2. Great idea. Such a lot of imagination goes into the fund-raising all orgs need to do. Those lights are wonderful - love the Canada Post truck. And good for you for braving the weather. What's a parade without watchers?


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