Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 4: Journey

Today's prompt for the  Nine Muses Musing was "journey" and I spent quite a bit of time throughout the day thinking of how that word might apply to this time of year.  Of course there's the journey of the Magi and the light from the star that traveled through space, but I was thinking more of nature and the journey from the darkness of the winter solstice back into light. How often when things seem bleak or dark in our personal journeys we tend to forget that things change and shift and move, and often quite quickly.

So for today (and better late than never) I offer a series of three photos taken in October when a few friends and I went to a ridge-top cabin at Saturna Island and took a morning walk.  We started out in the fog, then the clouds lifted and blew quickly away, leaving us walking along the ridge in brilliant sunshine.  It all took place in less than ten minutes.   That's how quickly the clouds can move in their journey.  And that's how quickly things can sometimes shift in one's life journey too.

I hope that your journeys will take you out of the clouds and into the sunshine.


  1. joanna i have a bit of a memory of postings around this time. it's an astonishing view from so very high up. a virtual journey but real in many ways. steven

  2. Eloquent words and beautiful photos. Thanks so much for sharing them with Mortal Muses today! cheers.

  3. Very thoughtful post. The photos are perfect illustrations.

  4. I remember when you posted some photos from that trip.
    It is so true that things can shift quite quickly for good or bad. Boy do I know that.
    All the photos were astonishing but I am partial to the second one. Clouds and the ocean, couldn't be better !
    Wonderful post.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Lovely photos and analogy! Thanks for linking in.


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