Friday, December 24, 2010

Dogs at Christmas

Of course our dogs are an integral part of our Christmas celebration.  They even have their own stocking--shaped like a dog bone.  I think this one was part of a prize at a long-ago flyball tournament.  Of course it's hung with the others on the fireplace and Santa fills it with toys and treats.

Aren't humans funny with their dogs?   I wanted to get a photo of my pups with their stocking so I had them come and pose with it on the carpet.  They're doing their best to accommodate but they really have no idea what I'm wanting them to do. 

Geordie (the eterenal puppy) started out being quite interested in the stocking, even grabbing it and trying to play with it. But as I kept taking it away and then telling him to leave it alone, he gave up, eventually just resting his head on it.

Maggie (the aging princess) really wanted nothing at all to do with the stocking.  Here she's putting on her long-suffering look.

By the end of the photo session neither dog would even look at at the stocking.

I'm sure that tomorrow morning after Santa's visit they'll both find it interesting again.

I know there are other dogs with stockings today over at Nine Muses Musing if you'd like to take a peek. Do you hang a stocking for your pets?


  1. all three goldfish have their own mini socks! happy christmas! steven

  2. I have the same problem with my hand model - unless she gets the mitts :)

    Have a very merry Christmas, all of you!

  3. This was really cute ... and the "long suffering look" comment made me laugh.. our dogs do that too.. just when you want to take a picture to show how cute they are, they make a face that looks like they just got a big bad scolding... dogs are great aren't they .. Hope you had a great Christmas!!

  4. Yes, we humans are funny with our dogs, but how can we help it? Look at those faces! So cute and emotional. My doggie got a present too...


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