Monday, November 23, 2009

Across the desert to Arizona

Today was a long day of driving across the desert through Palm Springs and Indio into Arizona.  This is an area of high winds and dust storms and we encountered one minor one.  The stripes you see across the roadway are not shadows, they're blowing sand.  You can see that one truck has pulled over.  We continued along and shortly the sand storm ended.

Once you get into Arizona there are a lot more snowbirds in their great big motor homes.  Many of them seem to just set up camp along the side of the road.  I guess to avoid RV park fees.  Personally I can't think of anything more dreary than living in an RV in a gravel lot beside an interstate.

No amount of good weather in the world would make up for that isolation.

Here's another group.  At least they've chosen to camp in an area where there are beautiful mountains to look at.

Tonight we're in yet another Motel 6, this time in Phoenix.  We find that Motel 6 is a great place to stay.  It's clean, it's cheap, it offers wireless and it's pet friendly.  They don't charge extra for the dogs, which many places do.  We're getting very accustomed to these rooms, with their iconic bedspreads.  By now the dogs just charge in and find their pillows on the floor.

They are very good travelers.  Better than we are I think; they don't ever bicker.


  1. I remember that sandstorm in Palm Springs from last year. Glad that you made it through this one okay.


  2. Oh wow - that third photo is magnificent! As you say, if you're going to park up then you might as well have a view like that from the porch of your mobile home.

    The closest I ever got to Arizona was New Mexico and we too opted for Motel 6. Cheap and cheerful and there's nothing wrong with that.

  3. joanna i'm with sid - that view is spectacular although i'd probably not park in a group. safe journeying - bickering's all part of the fun - sort of like sandstorms...... steven

  4. Hi Corinne, this sandstorm was minor compared to the one we experienced together.

    Linette, you're right--at least H and I don't snap our teeth together when we bicker. I'm waiting for your blog posts!

    Hi Sid, Arizona's much like New Mexico. Both have these amazing mountain rock forms.

    Steven, I like your philosophy of travel.

  5. Hi, Harry and Joanna. I'm greating great pleasure from reading your blog. Can't talk right now, but I just wanted you to know that I'm a fan! In fact, I'm hooked. -- Michael G, sitting in the drizzly dark of Victoria

  6. Hi Michael, that's good news. This way you can have a vicarious sun adventure. And we can chat from time to time as well. Hi to all.


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