Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dogs up the mountain

My sister and I took our four dogs up the west side of Mount Doug this afternoon.  It was such a pretty time to be there in the slanting golden sunlight.

It's a lovely spot with arbutus trees and oaks and rocky outcroppings and the views from the top are gorgeous.  The dogs love it too, although they don't like having to sit still at the top to have their photo taken.  This photo shows four stressed dogs.  You can tell they're stressed by the sideways looks, the yawning, and the looking away or down.  I've studied about dog body language and it's quite revealing!

Jan's shelties are just beautiful dogs.  That's Charlotte in front and Zoe behind, looking happy and windblown.


  1. hey joanna - what a beautiful space!!! the dogs know their good luck too!!! steven

  2. All of the dogs are beautiful! I always think the best time to hike is in autumn. I worry about the hunters, but I love the scenery enough to venture forth.

    The dogs are adorable. You can tell they're bundles of energy--barely contained-in the photos.

  3. The dogs are beautiful. There warmth and swirling hair is a perfect contrast to the angles and lines of the rock and textures of the peeling trees. Great photos!


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