Saturday, November 14, 2009

Final Preparations

Just a few more hours before we leave our house and take the ferry to Vancouver to start our journey to Mazatlan.  It's been a busy, busy week with all the last-minute details.  Today we're doing a final cleaning to rid our house of dog hair and leave everything ready for the people who will be staying here while we're away.  We've never left our home for such a long time (five months) and it's a little nostalgic to say goodbye to friends and family and to disengage from all our activities in Victoria.  But we won't be missing the winter weather.

I'll be posting from the road with photos from my new little camera so you can share the trip with us.  And please try to put a comment on to let me know you're there.  Adios amigos.


  1. joanna - i'm never jealous of other people's lives but can be envious? i think that's a kinder gentler variant on jealous!!!! i wish you guys a sweet journey. stop as often as you can. take a heap of pics. talk to people. listen to them. talk to the wind. listen to the wind. steven

  2. Hope the trip goes well. Laura and I are jealous and hope to visit before the end of your stay. We will keep a look out for you on your blog to see what you are up to also keep in touch on Skype. Take care and safe travels

    Laura and Aaron

  3. Hey Steven,
    thank you for that sage advice about the trip. I love it: listen to the wind.
    Now there's no need to be's just that you're a few years behind us in age and so are at a different stage of life. Your turn will come.


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