Thursday, November 26, 2009

A day in San Carlos

This morning we awakened to clouds but by 9:30 the sun had come through and warmed things up.  The dogs were thrilled to realize just how close we are to the beach and they enjoyed a lovely swim in the warmish water chasing sticks. This is taken at the beach down at the end of the sandy road that runs behind our motel just as the sun was breaking through.

We took the bikes off the back of the van and biked down the road a ways to visit our friends, passing a group of cheerful pelicans on the way.  They seem to like to congregate on a rocky section of the beach, along with other birds including seagulls and egrets.

Ches and Allison are camped behind the Best Western Hotel in a little RV park.  They've been living in this van on and off for a couple of years now.  This is a pretty cute setup for them, complete with a tiled floor and shade.

It was nice to just bike around and visit and get ourselves organized after our days of driving.  We've decided to spend a couple more days here.   It's really a nice, laid-back place and the sunsets are just gorgeous.


  1. joanna - there's a bike trip i'd love to do right about . . . now! steven

  2. Hi Steven, this is the first time we've brought our bikes along and I think they're going to be a great addition to our time in Mexico. I'll be thinking of you in the Ontario cold from time to time.

  3. So lovely, so warm...swimming would be heavenly. Even if the water is only 'warmish'. Biking would be fun, too.

  4. It looks really beautiful alright! It's great you've found such a nice spot to stretch your legs at for a bit.

    Here's a little homework for Mags and Geordie to help them prepare for all that time at the beach they've got coming!

  5. That image of a San Carlos sunset is unforgettable. The colour, the composition, the movement is superb. Keep up photography.



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