Monday, November 16, 2009

Crossing the border with Wanda and dogs

We have a foolish habit of naming our vehicles and this one is Wanda.  I guess that's short for Wanda the Wanderer.  She wandered down to Mazatlan last year and this year she's doing it again.  Here she is ready for her trip, complete with bicycles strapped on the back and dogs cozied up nose to tail in the back seat.  These dogs are awesome travelers.  They're eager to get in the van and happy to sleep while we drive.  They've even developed good motel manners:  not scratching the doors, keeping quiet when people pass by, and sleeping quietly on their mats. What good dogs!

We arrived at the Peace Arch border around noon and breezed through without even having to answer a question.  The young woman looked at our our passports and her buddy opened the back door to the van, took one look at the dogs and closed it.  He proceeded to tap the body panels of the van and then waved us on.  It's good to be on the road at last.


  1. A dog and people joy ride! How nice.

  2. Funny. Wanderer is exactly what I thought of when I read Wanda.
    Aren't those dogs good? We humans aren't always as good at keeping our cool in 'official' situations like border crossings and customs.

  3. Hey Steph, the dogs are better than either harry or I am in those situations. LOL

  4. I' look forward to following along on your trip to Mexico. Safe journey!


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