Friday, November 6, 2009

Details, details, details

By this point in our preparations for leaving Victoria for five months I'm trying to remember why it is we are doing this.  For those who don't know, we have rented a house in Mazatlan from December through March and we're driving down with our two dogs in the minivan.

Right now our life is absorbed with details, so many details that I can't even begin to list them.  Here are just a few categories to give you an idea of what it takes to disengage from one life and prepare for another:
  • arrangements for getting money and paying our rent in Mexico
  • arrangements for paying bills while we're away
  • clearing all our personal effects out of our house for the people who are subletting
  • food, medication, shots, certificates for the dogs
  • sorting out income tax payments 
  • arrangements for depositing cheques and handling mail 
  • arrangements for yard work and emergencies while we're away
  • medical and prescription needs
  • cleaning up the yard and the garden
  • delegating the work I've been involved in with Citizen Canine and the Spirit Guides blog....
There's more...but I won't bore you.  And that doesn't even include deciding what we need to bring and finding a way to cram it in the van.

So you can see why I'm not doing very much blogging right now.  I'm hoping this will change once we're on the road.  We leave on the 14th of November and have 16 days to get to Mazatlan.  That's plenty of time to take some detours and see some sights. 

I know, I know.... here I am whining about all the details when I'm going to be spending the winter in the sun.  Give your head a shake Joanna.  Everyone who reads this would like to slap you!  

Here's a photo from Mazatlan that reminds me of our trip last year.  We made a little shrine in the courtyard of the apartment we rented.  This year we'll be in a different place but this makes me remember the sunlight and other special qualities of Mexico's western coast.  Comparing that to today's weather that ranged from cloudy to squalls to downpours, I guess it will be worth it after all.


  1. joanna - it's such a lot of preparation but nothing worthwhile is achieved suddenly or without effort. the one little picture of the shrine in mexico says so much of why all that work is worthwhile. i wonder if you'll blog from there and fill us up with lovely sunshine through the cold months coming? have a lovely day. steven

  2. I never realized what a long list of things there must be to do to get ready for such a long stay in Mexico. You'll be glad to get on the road next weekend, I'm sure.
    I'm looking forward to more stories and adventures this winter.

  3. Yes Steven I will indeed be blogging on our trip. It was one of my great pleasures last year to write about what I experienced and to post photographs.

    Stephanie, you're so right, it will be a relief to get on the road.

  4. I'd do all that for 5 months away. Awesome!

    Just'll be there soon, sipping some exotic drink on a beach. Good for you!


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