Saturday, November 28, 2009

A house tour day and a beach day

We've been having fun here in San Carlos with Ches and Allison. Yesterday we went on a little open house tour of some of the houses for sale around the area.  Prices were in the 200 to 350 thousand US dollar range, actually quite a bit cheaper than comparable houses in Victoria.  Here's one we saw that had a sweet little patio with cooking facilities leading down to a garden right on the water.  The price was $325.We all agreed we could live here quite easily but none of us are really thinking of moving to Mexico permanently.

This one was quite a bargain: brand new, completely furnished and landscaped, in a gated community. The price?  $200,000--a steal actually.  Prices here have dropped quite a bit in the last year or so and there are definitely some deals to be had. But we were just looking for fun.

Today we're planning to go up the coast a bit to a long lovely stretch of sand curving around a bay, where the movie, Catch 22, was filmed back in the 1960s.  I can't show you a photo of the beach right now.  Perhaps tomorrow.  But I want you to see this little video of a pack of dogs having a great time at a beach, sent by my friend Linette.  I can't let my dogs see it though or they'd be completely jealous. But check it out:  dogs at the beach
Isn't that the funniest thing?


  1. You almost can't afford not to buy. Glad you have such resolve. Great deals. And I love that patio that goes to the water. So nice.

  2. Ok's what I'm thinking...we do a deal like we did with the moho...1/3 you guys, 1/3 Ches and Allison and 1/3 me and Mark!

    I think probably most people who've been to Mexico (especially if they come from the Rain Coast) dream of owning a place there. (only the lucky) few actually go through with it.

    I just looked through my file of pix from when we joined you two down there in '08. Seems like eons ago. Time to come again. How does the end of Feb/first week of March look in your day planner? It's looking pretty good in mine...

    hugs and pats

    p.s. check out our balooning pix on our blog! We missed you guys up there!


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