Friday, November 20, 2009

Pictures in my head

Another rainy day so we decided to stay here in Healdsburg and get a few errands done.  Laundry and windshield wipers and a bit of shopping.  This afternoon it cleared up and we headed out to do a bit more exploring of wineries.  We enjoy sipping $30 Chardonnays and Zinfandels... although we can't afford to actually buy many bottles at that price.  We discovered yet another beautiful valley filled with small family vineyards among gnarled oak trees and winding roads and picturesque barns.  I'd show you some photos except that I left the battery for my camera back at the motel room charging.  Of course this would happen on the day when everything was newly washed with rain and the late afternoon sun shining through dark skies.  A photographer's dream.  So the only pictures I have are the ones in my head. 

The above photo shows Harry sitting in the Boonville Cafe yesterday.  On the table is the book that is helping us make these wonderful wine route discoveries. 


  1. Hey Joanna!

    I love the pix! You must be enjoying that new camera! This one of Harry and the paper is classic - who needs food when you've got something good to read, right? Please hitch those rain clouds to the back of your wagon for us will you? Pats to the poochies frum aunti Linette

  2. Hey Linette, thanks for your note. I am enjoying the camera--a lot. Don't worry about clouds, it's supposed to clear up on the weekend. Check out the Dry Creek Valley. It's gorgeous.
    Puppies send kisses.

  3. Hey J -

    Thanks for the more great news about the weather. We are desperate to get away from this monsoon!

    We started a blog to help us remember our venture for vinas:

    Stay tuned!

  4. I love following the grapes. Enjoy!

  5. books and wine. i'd be lost in that world with pleasure!!! steven


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