Thursday, November 19, 2009

A multitude of landscapes

Yesterday morning we awoke to silence. The rain was over and the town of Grants Pass, Oregon was enveloped in fog.  Since then we’ve experienced two days of incredibly different—and beautiful—landscapes as we traveled over a mountain to the coast on highway 101 and then onward.

California 101 took us through the ethereal saltwater lagoons around Trinidad...

and then back into the hills and through the redwoods to Garberville, where we spent the night.

This morning there was more fog but as we drove over another mountain and down to the ocean again it dissipated...

and the day warmed up.  We spent the morning along the Mendocino coast looking at its amazing headlands and sea stacks.

This afternoon we took California 128 through Anderson Valley.  This is a peaceful backwater north of Santa Rosa that is winning attention with its Chardonnays.

The drive through this valley may be one the most beautiful I’ve ever taken.

We stopped for lunch in the little town of Booneville (that is it’s name; I kid you not)--and it was warm enough for these ladies to sit outside.

Tonight we’re in Healdsburg, another stop on the northern wine route, and tomorrow we’ll do a little exploring here.  It’s supposed to rain again tomorrow but the past two days have been just amazing.


  1. Those are amazing photos, Joanna. I especially admire the 'foggy' one. Great atmosphere.
    My verif word is 'rainemo'. Do you think that could be an omen?

  2. Hi Stephanie, I hope it is an omen for rain-no-more! In fact it did stop raining here this afternoon and turned out to be quite lovely. I hope it applies to Vancouver too!

  3. Hey, Sis -- I miss you big-time. Great to see and hear where you are. Don't you just love Healsburg? There's a gallery opposite the main square that carries those beautiful art nouveau Motawi tiles. I hope you found it. The pix are gorgeous. ILU. Jan

  4. Hey Jan, yeah Healdsburg is a pretty town. I love the big plaza in the middle of town. Didn't see the tiles but maybe tomorrow before we leave. We're heading south to try to find a bit more warmth.

  5. joanna these are gorgeous photographs - each one as if it was from a different part of the world and i know they are but i mean in a much bigger sense. the foggy landscape looked like japan. i'm so glad you're travelling with your eyes wide open!! steven

  6. Hey Steven, that's an interesting comment about landscapes from all parts of the world. I'd love to go to Japan some time. It must be so beautiful. I'll keep my eyes open as we travel--and hopefully I'll have my camera battery with me.

  7. Hi Joanna - stunning pictures! The landscapes are so beautifully captured. Have a glass of wine and pat the woofies for me.


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