Monday, January 11, 2010

Cliff divers

I want to show you the cliff divers of Mazatlan. They don't dive from as high a tower as those in Acapulco but it's quite a feat nonetheless.  They dive from a tower built atop of a tall rock outcropping.  These are the stairs that go up...

Yesterday as we were waiting for the dog walk to start we walked up the stairs to the tower where the cliff divers ply their trade. Just going up the stairs was a challenge for us.  This is a view looking back down the stairs.

Looking down from the tower I couldn't believe what these guys do. They're diving from a platform about 50 or 60 feet above the water. The pool they dive into is surrounded by jagged rocks.

I carefully stepped down the narrow stairway to see a guy pull up on his bicycle, wearing a touque and a warm sweater and his bathing suit. He told us he would dive right away if we gave him enough money. between the four of us we came up with $11 and that was enough. Here's what it looked like.

The boy in the yellow shirt is the son of the cliff diver.  He's watching for his dad to climb to the top.

Here is the cliff diver at the top.

He's getting ready to dive.

He dives, pushing himself far enough out to avoid the rocks below.

In an instant he's in the roiling water.

Then he pulls himself up the jagged rocks...

and recieves a towel from his son.

Amazing what some people have to do to earn a living.


  1. It seems so daring, no? I couldn't do it.

  2. joanna it makes any day of my life seem comparatively tame and mundane. have a lovely warm and creative day. steven

  3. I thought I was doing well learning to dive in a pool. I think the spectacular beauty of the surroundings enhance the ever-present danger.

  4. We climbed up those stairs on one of our trips. Climbing back down was one of the scariest things I've very done! I think I went down most of them on my butt!
    Did you guys go up there or pass them your camera?


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