Saturday, January 2, 2010

Colourful El Quelite

The other day we took a little trip to El Quelite, a village about forty minutes north of Mazatlan.  It has a beautiful main street with all the houses painted brilliant colours and yards planted with flowers.  It's a real country place with people sitting on chairs on their porches watching the passing parade of dogs, horses, cats and donkeys.  Plus the tourists who come up from Mazatlan.

Apparently it's also home to a cockfighting ranch, although this fellow was the only rooster we saw.

El Quelite is a cowboy town and there are occasional rodeos.  We saw few men on horseback but mostly it was donkey and pony rides for children, perhaps for the Christmas season.

There are lots of little tiendas selling handicrafts and snacks plus a couple of restaurants that offer rural Mexican food.  We had a lovely lunch with sopes and toritilla soup before heading south again across the Tropic of Cancer to our home away from home in Mazatlan.

Today we're taking Jamie back to the airport to return the cold and gray of a Vancouver winter.  It will be hard to say goodbye as we won't see him until we return to BC in mid-April.  Oddly enough it's raining again, just as it was when he arrived.  Just getting him ready for Vancouver weather I guess.


  1. Again, astounding photographs. You have found your metier, Joanna. This time next week I hope you'll be showing me around this place. Jan

  2. Hi Joanna - So love the vibrancy of these market pics. But, I think you do create colour wherever you go. Geordie and Maggie, those innocent beloved dogs, are you absolutely sure they were the culprits? Maybe a local bandito chiguagua came to visit.
    Miss you, LOL, Donna

  3. Thank you for posting these pictures of El Quilite! I remember our afternoon there with you two years ago very fondly. My picture of the veranda with the big boston fern is one of my favorites, ever!


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