Monday, January 18, 2010

Hacienda las Moras

We went back the other day to a special place we discovered by chance last year--it's the Hacienda las Moras (or the House of the Blackberries).  This place is perhaps the most serene location I've ever experienced.  It's about 45 minutes by car from Mazatlan but it feels as though you're in a different world. We came in on a dusty road, about three kilometers off the secondary road.  There's a sign that says hotel and restaurant but it feels like you're going to the end of nowhere.  Finally you come to a gatehouse and the gate is open, you drive along past herds of cattle and a chapel in the distance, to arrive at a gravel parking lot.  It was empty, but we got out and walked in to a place that felt suspended in time.

Across the grassy courtyard was a woman sweeping the walkway.

The veranda led past some colourful antiques and into a timeless Mexican sala

And then out to patio and a swimming pool.

A waiter greeted us and invited us into the restaurant for lunch.

Nobody else was there.  We sat down at a table and ordered a delicious lunch in the al fresco dining room.  Beyond the wall was a corral with horses

and high above some circling hawks. The air smelled so sweet.  The only sound we heard was the wind and the occasional rooster.  This is a place with the feeling of another time.  I'll show you more of this beautiful place tomorrow.


  1. Laura and I visited this place a couple of years ago and we totally agree with you about its magic. This was the high lite of our trip.

  2. hello joanna, it's funny that - the way some places have an innate magic and peacefulness about them. i've walked into places with those qualities and they can be in the middle of the typical confusion of a city and yet somehow maintain their welcoming serenity. have a lovely day and i look forward to seeing more of this place. steven

  3. Hey Aaron, thanks for commenting on my blog. Maybe next year you can come down and visit the hacienda with us.

    Steven, it is odd how the magic can take you by surprise. For me it's often the peacefulness of being out of range of traffic noise. Hacienda las Moras is an isolated spot so there's no background traffic hum. That's (only) part of what makes it special.

  4. I think I would love this place.

    The photo of the deck chairs and the pool captivates me. So bright and sunny, great colors and interesting angles. Yet no people.


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