Wednesday, January 27, 2010

From pinatas to pigs heads--the Pino Suarez Market

The other day we went to visit the Pino Suarez market in el centro and it's not for the faint of heart.  This is not a street market but a huge building that takes up an entire block.  It's been operating here  since 1899 and it is the place to go for a bargain. 

Inside the building are hundreds of stalls selling just about everything.

We were actually looking for a pinata and there were lots to choose from.   We weren't interested in the pigs heads, although they were rather eye catching.


So were the kids toys...
and the jugs of juice...

and of course the many stalls of fruits and vegetables.  We got some beautiful tomatoes for less than 19 cents a pound.  What a deal!



  1. What a wonderful sounding place! Every shopper's dream. I actually think the pigs' heads are beautiful. In a porcine kind of way.

  2. Well at least they're smiling!

  3. Ah yes...the market. Especially not advisable if hungover. I will never ever ever forget the odor of "fresh" meat aisles (altho there were no dreamy piggy faces on display that day!)

    Wonderful pics again, Joanna!

    Thanks for the memories (well, mostly!)



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