Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pool crashing

When we first came to Mazatlan way back at the beginning of December we didn't have the nerve to go into the pool areas of the big hotels along the beach.  Doris and I spent quite a few afternoons enjoying the waves and looking longingly at the chaises and the turquoise pools.  But now, we've got our nerve up, especially after canvassing a few other people who are renting apartments. It turns out that it's quite acceptable for gringos to use just about any pool around.

Our first try was under the wing of our our friend Suzanne, who does this every afternoon.  We walked in through the front door and out to the pool area.  The theory is that if you order a drink you can use the pool and it certainly appears to be the case.  We enjoyed our sunning and swim at the exclusive Pueblo Bonito but we found the drinks a bit steep at $13.00 for one margarita and one lemonade.

We've tried a few pools but the one we like the best is the Luna Palace. We usually just walk up from the beach and select a place under the palm trees between the pool and the beach. There are lots of loungers and the pool is heated and the beach in front is good for swimming and the drinks are reasonable.  Who could ask for more?  I only wish Doris could have experienced this too.


  1. joanna - next time you're hoovering back a margarita could ya say a few kind and empathetic words for those of your canadian compatriots languishing in the wintry wastelands!!!! just kidding - it's alright but man that pool looks sooooo very good!!! steven

  2. I agree with Steven. It's quite cold and still wintry here in Michigan.

  3. I'll send a Margarita your way Steven, and you too Rudee.

  4. This post echoed my first Mexican pool crashing experience perfectly.
    Ah sweet memories : )


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