Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shelter dogs in Mazatlan

Yesterday I went with Lila to walk some of the dogs at the shelter here in Mazatlan.  I was a bit worried that it would be awful and depressing, but it wasn't.  It was actually a lot of fun.  The shelter is really well run by two young Mexican men who clearly love animals.  They walk the animals in the morning and rely on volunteers to take them for for a bonus walk in the afternoon.

Lila and I arrived about 4:00 and proceeded to take a dog each out to the broad boulevard for a little walk and sniff and pee.  Each of the dogs has its own story.  One had been taken to the groomers and never picked up.  Another pair were pets at a school until the Christmas holidays when they were abandoned.  Another had been hit by a car.  In all there were about ten dogs and we took each of them out for a little walk, which they really enjoyed.

Here I am with a couple of cuties.  The black one has been adopted and the new Mexican family is very excited about their new arrival.  She was spayed a few days ago and is waiting until her skin condition is better...and then she'll go to her new home.

This is something that I will be doing again.  It's not changing the world but it is making a day better for the dogs at the shelter.

Today we went up to the surfing beach for a while and then came back to do some water colour painting.  Tomorrow I'll show you the results .


  1. joanna - you know what i think that when you do these "small" acts of quality that you do change the world!!! steven

  2. You have a kind heart, Joanna. I'm sure you make a difference for these dogs.

  3. What a great day out! (And I'm talking about for the humans, not just for the woofies)
    Como si dice *go pee*??

  4. Thanks Steven and Rudee. It is nice to think of making a little difference.
    Morbid, LOL! I just said it in Engish and they seemed to understand.

  5. I'm sure the dogs love to have the bonus walks - in any language.

  6. Hey jo,

    Let us know what sorts of things we can bring down for the dogs at the shelter. I'm hoping you'll take us there for a dog walk!


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