Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mexican anarchy

Tonight there's a children's party on our street.  Likely it's a birthday party for a little boy aged maybe four or five because there are lots of screaming kids in the courtyard as well as  spiderman pinata and loud music.  The funny thing is that the parents of the party boy appear to have decided to take the street over for their party.  How did they do this?  They just parked their SUVs sideways in the middle of the street on each side of the house so that no cars can get through.

It makes perfect sense, right?  Just block it off so the kids can play safely in the street.  Never mind that everyone else who lives there is massively inconvenienced.  It's Mexican anarchy at its sweetest.


  1. Obviously, they've never played street hockey. They should have a lookout yelling "car!" so those kids can get off the street.

    Interesting idea...probably wouldn't work here. Some things just don't translate.

  2. Yup, can you imagine how long a trick like that would last on your street? Or any street in Canada for that matter.


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