Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More Hacienda views

One of the most beautiful things about Hacienda las Moras is the bouganvilla tumbling over the walls.



And what a stunning combination against the orange painted plaster.




We wandered into a little area where birds and farm animals lived. I particularly liked this goat...


 And of course the baby animals....



 This goose seemed to have it in for me!


One last look at the swimming pool before we said goodbye to this serene spot. 




  1. Things look cozy and warm in your neck of the woods (she says while covered head to toe in wool).

  2. Juanita! I cannot wait to visit this special place with you! (and to crash some pools!)


    p.s. how's your garden coming along? Any news pics to share? We planted some polyanthus last weekend...they ain't exactly bouganvilla but at this time of the year - they might as well be!


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