Sunday, January 10, 2010

Friends of the animals

We headed out to take part in a dog walk this morning.  This is sponsored by a local pet rescue group known as Amigos de los Animales.  They've built a shelter and raise funds to rescue abandoned or mistreated animals and to spay and neuter street dogs and cats.  It was a beautiful morning and we drove down to the cliff divers area to met up with other dog owners.

Here's Jan and Maggie walking along the malecon.  Maggie was happy to walk and even happier when we stopped at a little beach where she could go for a swim.  Geordie stayed home of course.  (It's just not his thing to walk along with a bunch of strange dogs!)

There were far fewer participants than I would have anticipated, as I know there are lots of dog owners in Mazatlan.  We did meet some nice dog owners though, and I've signed up to go down to the shelter one afternoon and help to take the dogs there out for a walk.  We've also bought tickets to their big fundraising brunch and silent auction in February.  I applaud the people who do this work and want to support them.  Some of the dogs we see on the streets just break my heart.  Plus, you know me.  I just can't keep away from these dog organizations!


  1. hi joanna - any excuse for a walk in a place that is sunny and warm is alright by me!!!! steven

  2. I hadn't thought about dogs not wanting to be social - like people.

    Good for you to find the local org. helping animals. That should be some interesting volunteering.

  3. LOL

    Joanna - this is great! I'm sorry we won't be there to join you guys at the fundraiser!



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