Monday, October 25, 2010

Flame bush

I think this shrub is called the flame bush--for obvious reasons.  In spring and summer it's a subdued green but this is its colour in the fall.  Glorious.

I'm showing you distant, close up and macro so you can get the complete essence of this lovely plant for Ruby Tuesday.  Click here to find other red images.


  1. Another blogger from my hometown of Victoria! I was born and raised in that pretty city.
    Fall brings out all the beautiful colours. Nice photos.

  2. Wow, the colors are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Very pretty!!!
    And the bench where it's placed makes for an ideal spot to enjoy all the colors!

    Candy for the brave this week, is my RT. Here is the link...

  4. We have those kind of bush in our front yard too.

    Come & check me out with My Ruby Tuesday here

  5. Nice to have these bright leaves when the weather's kind of gray.

  6. zzzzap! i love the colours in nature - especially as they are disappearing so quickly and turning yellow then brown then .... gone. lucky lucky you! steven


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