Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Harvest market

I've still got lots of Victorian architecture shots from my trip to Port Townsend but I wanted to show you these images of the Saturday market.  It's held in the area called uptown, where the more genteel families shopped in the old days, since the downtown waterfront area was somewhat seedy.  There's a little park with a bandstand and a water view where the local market is held every Saturday.  October is such a perfect time for farmers markets.

I've been to a lot of markets but this one had a really special feeling.  There was a quartet playing lively music and lots of people of all ages wandering around looking and buying.  Everyone seemed very relaxed and happy to talk and visit and pat the dogs and buy harvest vegetables and crafts.

Here's what caught my eye:  Kids buying pumpkins, a selection of succulents, and rainbow chard.

The vegetables at this market were displayed so beautifully I couldn't stop taking photos.  Below are the colorful carrots and the exquisite greens, and the tomatoes.

Not to mention the flower arrangements, the bread and baking, and the gypsy coffee served by the beautiful woman with the child.

And then there were the crafts.  What I loved most was the felted wool made into scarves, hats and even bowls and flowers.  Port Townsend has a lot going for it.


  1. You have a fantastic eye for composition. I love the movement in your photos and subtle repetition of shapes and lines. So beautiful, Joanna

  2. Just love your photos, keep posting !
    The vegetables shots were fabulous and I agree with Kathleen that you have a eye for composition.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Ooh, so jealous. Definitely a destination - next October, for sure. I agree that this is the best time for the beautiful and colorful veg.

  4. Your photos are a vivid feast for the eyes! Yum to those heirloom tomatoes!

  5. For some reason, I'm hungry.

    Gorgeous pictures!


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