Saturday, October 2, 2010

Moments of a month gone by

I was inspired by the blog Desideratum to look back on the month that just passed to find some photographic memories.  Here are mine.  September was a wonderful month (in spite of some dreary weather).

1.  Reflections on a building in downtown Vancouver
2.  Handmade purses at an upscale West Van store
3.  A beautiful dahlia in a city park
4.  Georgia Straight from the ferry to Saturna Island
5.  The hillside with goat paths at Brown Ridge, Saturna Island
6.  Ripening tomatoes in my friend's garden
7.  Grapes waiting to be crushed at the Saturna Winery festival
8.  A spider web in the fog
9.  A wonderful meal of quinoa sald, squash soup and Pinot Gris wine

What are your September memories?

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  1. Hi Joanna, Lovely to meet you and I am thrilled you paid me a visit... I love your "Moments"... Beautiful how images fill Our minds and let us enjoy them over and over again...


I really appreciate your comments.