Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One step forward, three steps back

I was hoping to be able to show you a photo of the new floor in the laundry room and bathroom at our house on Yukon Street.  Yesterday the floor layers came in and installed the new flooring.  It looked just as good as I hoped with the wall colour I'd used.  Too bad I didn't take a picture of it yesterday.  Today it feels like we're walking into a foggy time warp.  The flooring is ruined.

The new flooring, unlike the vinyl we're accustomed to, can be laid without being glued down and that's the approach that was taken.  It's called a floating floor and it can move around in certain situations.  Think of it like stepping on a silky piece of fabric.  It can skid under your foot.

And that's just what happened this morning when Harry and his son moved the new stacking washer and dryer into the laundry room.  In this case the flooring caught under the wheels of the dolly and was  pulled out from under the edge strip and ripped in two places.  How discouraging and disappointing.  Just when we thought we were making some progress.

We're negotiating with the store that supplied the flooring about a refund since they never warned us about this quote/unquote wrinkle.  But even if we can get some kind of refund, we're now back to selecting and installing the floor all over again.  It's one step forward and three steps back with our renovations this week.


  1. Hello Joanna,

    Just wanted to introduce myself to a fellow blogger. I am pretty new at this stuff, but it was nice to find someone under "Victoria" who has similiar interests. We are renoing our condo here on the Gorge a little at a time. Good luck with yours!
    Sincerely, Cathy

  2. Such a shame...what a disappointment.

    I know it takes longer to do but hardwood flooring even if it is cottage grade to keep the cost down which is what we use, is very hard wearing. and long lasting... we laid it ourselves in the addition we just did.. a bath, a kitchen and a hallway.. we were tired when we were done but glad we did it...

    hope things work out for your next floor.

  3. I can't imagine your horror when you saw it. It's so hard to go from satisfaction to disappointment in matter of hours. Hope that you can at least get them to fix the floor for you.

  4. With my x I remodeled way too many homes to count. Most while living in them at the time and a few extra thrown in for good measure to work on in our free time.
    I have seen just about everything !

    Stuff happens but in the long run it will all work out and things look better when you sleep on it and think things over.
    Good Luck.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments and support. In the big scheme of things this is minor. We are now looking a putting cork on the floors. Harry can install this himself. He'll glue it down! Live and learn.

  6. Cork floors are really beautiful. I love the shades and texture.
    BTW, I was so busy trying to get my post done this morning that I left off my ironing pal. Do pick up your award on your next visit.


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