Monday, October 18, 2010

Port Townsend--a town of another era

Port Townsend is a relic of the Victorian era and it has a peaceful timeless feeling.  Bells from the courthouse ring the hour and the air is soft and clear.  It also has a sense of being very connected to the woods and the ocean of its coastal location.  I love this place.

Here are just a few images to give a sense of what we've experienced in the last couple of days. 
Upper windows of an apartment, a store front on Water Street, the window of the Palace Hotel (an infamous brothel from the turn of the last century), an owl resting on a branch just behind the main street.

There are other photos still on my camera that I'll look through and share once we get home.  We're catching the ferry back to Victoria this afternoon.


  1. I have always loved owls. Such a great photo ! he looks a little sleepy.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I love Port Townsend! One of my favorite places in the northwest! And your shot of the owl is fantastic! Really great post for the day! Hope your week goes well!


  3. Port Townsend looks charming. Even the owl was cooperating in having a portrait done!

  4. gorgeous architecture and a beautiful shot of Owl.. not easy to get one of these in daylight...

  5. So nice of the owl to pose for you...that's a great shot!
    Remember when we had beautiful old houses right downtown in Vancouver?

  6. Hi Parsnip, yes he looks quite sleepy to me, in an adorable way.

    Sylvia, thanks. Port Townsend is a pretty cool place.

    Barb, yes that owl just stayed on the branch blinking at us for quite some time. I guess he was posing.

    Gwen, thanks for your comment. I've never before had the chance to photograph and owl. They are just so beautiful.

    Hi Stephanie, I do indeed remember those old houses. Too bad there aren't many left, if any. Port Townsend was lucky that they didn't have the funds to tear buildings down in the 60s and 70s and now they're left with treasure.

    Thanks for your comments all.


I really appreciate your comments.