Friday, October 15, 2010

To the USA just across the strait

To get to Port Townsend you take an old ferry called the MV Coho that runs across the Strait of Juan de Fuca from downtown Victoria to Port Angeles, an hour an a half away.  It's not that far away so we tend to forget that it is actually a foreign country and we need the correct documentation to enter.  My sister's passport expired this summer but she wasn't too worried as the Coho's website said an "enhanced" dricers licence would be accepted.

The only thing was, her driver's licence wasn't enhanced, and we didn't find this out until we were in the lineup for the ferry.  To cross the border she also needed her expired passport as proof of citizenship and she'd left that at home.  So while I sat in the lineup Jan took a taxi home to get her documentation.  She arrived back in time but was then sent to the immigration lineup.  To make a long story short, she was approved only a couple of minutes before the boat left and we were squeezed on into the last little space.  But it all worked out and we sailed across a calm sea, sighting some orcas to arrive at this darling little town, with a quick stop at a shoe store to pick up some bargains.

Port Townsend is a Victorian town full of lovingly restored mansions and hotels facing the water.  Our B&B room is in the turret of a three story mansion.  We look out over birch trees and an old coast guard building to the ocean.  The weather is lovely and we have two days ahead of us to explore.  Hopefully the morning's upset has used up our quota so we can enjoy the rest of the weekend.


  1. joanna i love the bay window... that's a thing out of fantasy brought to life!!! steven

  2. It would appear by the photo that you're taking a trip back to what were simpler times, but the passport story tells a different tale. I miss the simpler times.

  3. What a beautiful room - and a lovely view. You relate your harrowing border experience with a lot more calm than I would have. I'd just have been a big stress puddle! Glad it all worked out for Jan and you're both into the fun part.

  4. Much excitement/conflict in the beginning but now will come the fun.
    Lovely lighthouse or charming cottage ?

    cheers, parsnip


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