Thursday, October 21, 2010

Such a civilized place

Three final images from Port Townsend showing just how civilized it is.

They've created a little flower garden in the space at the end of the street where parked cars dont' fit.  I think it's a sweet use of otherwise empty roadway.  How civilized!

Dogs can sleep in the deep window sills just outside a downstairs coffee shop.  This dog was a friendly giant with huge broad head and lovely manners.  It looks like he's used to hanging out there and greeting people while his owner has coffee inside.  How civilized!

And finally, here's the entrance to the coffee shop, which is situated deep underneath the sidewalk outside this lovely old granite building.  They call it "undertown" and this is the classy Victorian style covered entrance complete with iron roof and ornate handrails.  How civilized!


  1. Love the flowers and the charming entrance to the coffee shop but the deep window sills with lovely dog is the best !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. it's really nice to visit gentle places. steven

  3. A window sill complete with a pillow - just the thing when you have to wait. I guess caffeine isn't on this dog's menu.


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