Friday, October 29, 2010

Foggy day on the hill

This is the view this morning out the window of my little office which faces the front garden and the road.  It's misty and  foggy and it shows off the softness of the fall colours.

The fog's even thicker in the back yard but the leaf colors shine through.

And here's a closeup of a tiny little crysanthemum flower (about an inch across) that I picked in the back yard.  I'm mighty impressed that my little point and shoot lumix can take such a clear image.   I love the regularity of the petals as they circle into the middle of the flower.  

I like the softness of a foggy morning.  Plus, with morning fog like this there's always the hope that the sun might peek through in the afternoon.


  1. Your foggy view is so lovely I can even hear it.
    At this moment quite envious of where you live.

    Even in our winter we have so much sun that I am thinking of putting in solar so my pool can stay heated longer. I use the pool for my mobility exercises so the longer I can use it the better it is for me.

    Your camera is fabulous because that is a wonderful shot of such a tiny flower.

  2. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous photos. Please keep the fog in your neck of the woods. We've had plenty of Canadian gifts weather wise already this week.

  3. I love fog - it can make for such a fabulous atmosphere.

  4. joanna - we've had a couple of thick foggy mornings recently - they're not as common as they are on the west coast of course so i treasure them. i love the softness and the muted sounds. i love the way colour and light is altered. steven

  5. Your dahlia photo is like a mandala. Just perfect.

  6. It looks like a perfect day to curl up with a hot cup of something delicious and a good book!

  7. Great pictures!!
    Happy Halloweeen,


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