Sunday, October 24, 2010


The rain that has been threatening all week arrived last night.  All week I tried to find time to get out into the garden and do some fall cleanup but it was not to be.  And now the garden and the woods have a very soggy feel. I think that sogginess will be the descriptor of the garden for the next few months and my cleanup work will be done in rubber boots and raincoat.  Being away over the winter for the past three winters has spoiled me and I'm going to have to relearn how to spend the winter in a rainforest.

I think one approach is to prepare lovely winter meals like oven roasted vegetables with olive oil and rosemary and invite friends over to share.  They were delicious.

Speaking of rainforests, here are a couple of images from today's trek in the woods with the dogs.

We were surprized to see these mushrooms growing right up the trunk of a fir tree.


  1. joanna - the soggy rainy foggy stuff is our experience here in southern ontario also. but it's a big part of retsocking the aquifers and also making sure that everyone gets used to the idea of doing nice things indoors for a while. looks like you've got that part mastered!!! yum! steven

  2. Beauty is a major compensation for spending the winter here. Your photos attest tot hat.
    It's funny how I kind of look forward to the fall weather so I can make - and eat - all those nice soups and such.

  3. While I'm sorry you're not wintering in sunnier climes, I'm relieved you won't be in Mexico during this time as the violence seems to continue unchecked.

    Your photos are beautiful, and dinner looks delicious.

  4. After the all the Summer heat, Fall is very Welcome in the Southwest.
    The cool mornings, evening and warm afternoons are a perfect. Great weather for all the outdoor activities we all put on hold because of Summer.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Hi Steven, thanks for reminding me about the aquifers. That puts things into perspective.

    Thanks for the compliment Stephanie. I know what you mean about soups, and then there are the fires in the fireplace as well.

    Rudee, you're so right about ongoing violence in Mexico. It's very upsetting. I can only hope that things can be controlled soon.

    Parsnip, the fall in Tucson sounds pretty lovely. I just checked the weather and it said sunny and mid-80s. I could handle that. I know that you suffer through immense heat in the summer. This is your payoff.

    Thanks for all your comments.


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