Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Painting progress

After three classes with Marney Ward I'm begining to get the hang of painting flowers.  It's a slow and meditative process and I have to say that I love doing it.

There's still quite a way to go with this painting but it's starting to take shape.

Just for background, here are photos of the process to date.

First, the drawing with a little of the background and one petal (which I think is too dark). This was taken at the end of the second class.

Then below is the painting I did at home.  Some of it was quite rough but last night Marney showed me how to refine the hard edges.   

The photo at the top was taken at the end of last night's class.  The pale yellow bits in the middle are actually frisket, a rubbery substance that's painted on the paper to preserve the white colour.  Later it will be rubbed off and the yellow stamens added.   There's a lot to learn with water colour painting, and that's a good thing.

Because of the joy this process gives me I'm linking to Share the Joy Thursdays on Meri's Musings.


  1. I like seeing the process of your watercolor, Joanna. The layering is intricate. I'll enjoy seeing the painting's progress.

  2. So very interesting. I love seeing your progress. The painting is looking fabulous already.

    Off subject...
    I often read some of your older posts when I have time, Love them, and when I read the one about you shredding the wrong pile of papers...
    I shred everything, we are a border town and must shred everything, and what I don't shred I tear and it has become automatic. Even my scrap paper, paint and glue sheets anything in my hands gets torn up.

    I put a small watercolor under a cover sheet put it down and started to clean up all the mess I had made and you got it, picked up the painting and before I could stop myself I tore it once.
    Thank goodness it was long and narrow I only ripped the border to part of one side. Some paper tape and careful matting and it looks fine.
    Not as important as your papers but it was a gift.
    Since then I try to be more careful.
    No more heart attacks for me !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Wow -- that's an amazing series of photos documenting a watercolor in process. I'm in awe!

  4. joanna - thanks for sharing these pictures. i love to see watercolours, or any artwork emerging. this is so very good. steven

  5. glorious...
    you are offering us the gift of an empty white canvas coming to stunning life!
    so beautiful,
    don't stop!!!

  6. you are off to a beautiful start! Wow! here's to the joy ofcreating ! cheers and happy thursday!

  7. How wonderful to watch this BLOOM!!!


  8. how is a joy to view your painting!

  9. Other people's artistic processes are always so fascinating. The pictures alone would be a joy but your commentary adds another joyful layer.

  10. Fun to see how you make that glorious flower come alive again.

  11. Beautiful watercolor flower! You're catching on to this medium perfectly!

  12. I wish I had your talent! Happy Valentine's Day!

  13. awesome!

    You got very well trained Joanne, keep up your work.


  14. I'd say you are a quick learner--your flower looks lovely--have fun painting even more. Mickie

  15. Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing the process.


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