Saturday, January 22, 2011

A silhouette tells a story

Over at the Mortal Muses blog they're musing about silhouettes, so to pass the time this morning while my hair is drying I looked through my photo archive.  This one struck my eye because on of the subjects is in silhouette and the other is not.

I don't know the women in this photo.  I took it while having dinner at a restaurant last summer.  It tells a story of two friends enjoying a pleasant summer dinner.

When I cropped it to remove the dinner partner I think it tells a different story.  Here we don't know nearly so much.  Is she dining alone?  Is she waiting for a friend who is coming later?  There is something about silhouettes that creates an air of mystery.


If you're interested in other, more experienced photographers' silhouettes, check this one out.  Kat is doing an online course in photographic imagery and has a wonderful way of making you ponder your own photography.


  1. cooliolio! i think the silhoette woman is receiving or delivering some thing big! microphones next time joanna!!! steven

  2. And yet, the woman is leaning forward toward something, I think. Or maybe I know too much having seen the uncropped version? It's a good question.

  3. I like the differences you mention, Joanna - looking at the same thing in two different ways.

  4. Love this! I took some crow sillouettes in the trees - love how they look!


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