Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shadow of orange

This is the absolute best time of year for oranges--they're so sweet and delicious, and just the thing we need in the middle of winter.

A week or so ago my husband came home with a bag of the most delicious oranges ever.  I don't know what kind they were, some kind of hybrid I guess because they had a deep red orange colour and the most delicious fresh flavour ever.  This is what they looked like cut in eights.  Can you see the difference in the colour intensity from one segment to the other? 

These were the best oranges ever.  I just wish I could find some more.

And don't they cast lovely shadows?  I'm putting this up for Shadow Shot Sunday.  Check it out for shadow shots from around the world. 


  1. Not only are the shadows great, but the orange slices look deliciously great too.

    Mermaid Shadows

    Hope you're having a super Sunday!!

  2. they leap off the screen! i'm thinking marmelade. steven

  3. Oranges make winter worthwhile. Yours look beautiful. Are they Valencia oranges?

  4. they do cast a lovely shadow...and the color is so brillant...i can even smell the orangy goodness...

  5. They look scrumptious ! and the close-up was amazing.

    I have Tangelos and Valenicas in my tiny grove and I think it could possible be a Tangelo ?
    Honeybells are coming out now for a very short season so it might be that, if so you picked up the best, very lucky !

    cheers, parsnip

  6. Hi Parsnip, thanks for the lowdown on oranges. I know very little about them. Only that some are better than others. These were sooooo good.

  7. The scent and taste are coming right through the screen to me. Great photos!

  8. Those look absolutely delicious!!! Nice shadows, too.

  9. A bit of welcome Vit C in the middle of winter. They do look intense!

  10. you have saturated my still dark morning. your orange, might as well be the welcoming sun!


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