Friday, January 14, 2011

What's for dinner?

Last night I made six different dinners in less than two hours.  I went with a friend to a new place in Victoria that offers help in answering that eternal question:  whats for dinner?  This innovative business accommodates groups of people in pleasant commercial type kitchen workspace with twelve different meal prep stations.

Each month they offer twelve different dinner menus. The idea is that you order six or more meals and the people at What's For Dinner will do the shopping and pre-prep so that you can go in and assemble the dinners ready to take home and put in your freezer.  Plus--they do the cleanup. Isn't that a clever idea?

Going with a group made for some fun and laughs.  It is very well organized as you can see.  Each station has all the ingredients ready for you, along with required kitchen tools and measuring spoons and cups.  You prepare the food in ziplock bags and package the meals together and take them home in a cooler.

Here's what I made: meatball stroganoff, sweet and sour pork, sumac chicken, spinach and feta pie, shredded asian chicken, and spicy Louisiana shrimp.  Of course it costs more than just buying the food and preparing it but it's far less than going out to a restaurant and there are days when it's just wonderful to have a selection of dinner entrees in your freezer ready to use.  So now I have some answers to that eternal question of what to do about dinner.


  1. We have one of these near us in the city, but I've never tried it. Your dinners sound delicious - certainly more inventive than I'd try on my own!

  2. cooliolio! i'd go if there was something like this in my city!!! steven

  3. Wow! what an idea! I've never heard of that - sounds like fun and no mess to clean up is a PLUS!


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