Sunday, June 28, 2009

Before and after

We're still working on the front yard but the change from the old yard is now very obvious. Here are a few sets of before and after photos.I wish I had more "before" shots but as usual I neglected to take many. Still there are a few that show the transformation. You can see that there's a lot more to look at in the yard and it takes the attention away from the intersection (which was the plan).

By now the sod has started to grow and the plants and trees are getting acquainted with their new homes. It's starting to look more natural now and we're thrilled with the way it all worked out. I'm going to put together a little slide show tour once we get the mulch put in place and it's all looking tickety-boo.


  1. What an incredible transformation. It's so pretty!

  2. I love's all been so fast! Probably doesn't feel that way to you and Harry, though. There's a lot of sweat equity in that beauty. Enjoy!


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