Thursday, June 11, 2009

Three and a half days to a new front yard

That's all it took for the guys to create our new front yard--three and a half days. I am in awe. They worked really hard and they were so friendly and helpful. The first day the lawn was scraped away, the second day the soil was delivered and the piping for the irrigation went in, the third day the irrigation was completed and the rocks were laid, and the last half day the timer was installed, the turf was laid, the plants were delivered and the big trees were planted. All of these photos were taken today. What a transformation!

I am exhausted now though. Jan and I were out at the wholesale nursery this morning at 8:00 picking out plants and trees--a lot of them. Then this afternoon Harry and I replanted a couple of the trees because after the guys left I realized (and this is typical of me) that I wanted them in a slightly different spot.

Then we used some of the leftover turf and gravel to do some work in the back yard, finally finishing around 7:30 in time for a frozen pizza dinner.

We still have all the planting of shrubs and ground cover to do, as well as picking up those beautiful rhododendrons and a couple more trees that weren't available at the wholesale nursery. That will happen early next week. Now I'm heading into a hot bath and then a nice glass of wine. It's been a whirlwind.


  1. That is beautiful! It's just amazing how fast the landscape can be changed. Your R&R was well-deserved!

  2. Oh my gosh! How beautiful it all turned out. They (and you) did a fabulous job. Enjoy!


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