Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Planting the front garden

Now that the garden construction is finished, all that's left is the planting. But it's a big job. Yesterday we started with the six big rhodos. And they are big. We managed to get five of them in the back of Jan's pickup truck, and the sixth crammed into the back of my van. Here's Harry with one of them in the wagon.

This wagon was his birthday gift to me last week and it's proven to be most useful for the job.

Jan is the expert on planting and she directed Harry and me in all aspects of the work.

The rhodos are placed in two groups of three, one under the arbutus tree and one near the cedars. They have finished blooming for the year so we won't get the full impact until next spring, but I think they will be absolutely beautiful.

This afternoon we're heading out to purchase a few more trees, a Japanese Snowbell, a Forest Pansy and a Sensation Lilac. Once they're planted we'll place the shrubs and plant the ground cover. There's still a lot of planting to be done.


  1. I'm imagining that your front garden is a whole lot greener, cooler and quieter now. I'll bet you can hardly wait for next spring when all those rhodies bloom. What is a Forest Pansy?

  2. Wow! THose rhodies are huge. They'll be amazing next spring. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  3. Stephanie, the Forest Pansy is a lovely tree with purple heart shaped leaves with traceries of green. I'll include a photo once it's planted. The garden looks so different we can hardly believe it's the same place--and the robins and crows just love it too.

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  5. Hey, nice job. Quite a transformation. Thanks for letting me be a part of the design process. It was the best, though, to go through this amazing process together with you, my sister. I love the progression of our aging and replanting for the future.
    Hugs and love. Jan.


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