Monday, June 22, 2009

Mellow yellow rose

Well this is what I call mellow yellow. Isn't it an amazing color for a rose? I have no idea of the name, I just stumbled on it at Vancouver's Van Dusen Gardens when I visited there a couple of weeks ago. You can find other Mellow Yellow posts here.

Happy Monday. I'm busy with errands today and pilates and finishing planting in the front yard.


  1. IS an amazing color...perfect mellow yellow...I like the play of light and shadow in the petals...

  2. Mellow yellow rose
    in shadowed garden corner—
    delight to the eye!

  3. I love yellow roses and this one has such a warm glow. It actually works well with your lantern from yesterday. BTW, there is one of those lamps still in use on 4th St...

  4. That is indeed a beautiful color of yellow. I love roses. And I think your doggies are adorable.

  5. Hey Carol, you're right the shadow colors are nice too. Thanks. And thanks Rudee too for commenting.
    Magical Mystical Teacher, that's a lovely poem.
    Stephanie, do you mean 4th St. in N. Van? I'd like to see it sometime.
    Pyzahn, thanks for the comment about my dogs. I think they're kind of cute too.

  6. I love this shot, so pretty and full yellow flower. Stunning! nice shot.

  7. Beautiful, soft yellow...I love this shot:)

  8. Beautiful mellow yellow rose...

    Love the drops of water on it ... great capture :-)

  9. wow, i really like yellow...
    and this mellow yellos rose is amazing!!


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