Thursday, June 25, 2009


I have to admit it: I just love pink. If I have a choice of flower colours I'll almost always choose a shade of pink. I chose a pink Magnolia for the front yard, although I won't get to see its colour until next year. In this photo of sweet peas through my kitchen window it's the sweet pink one in the upper left corner that catches my eye.

My five-year-old niece also loves pink but I think she's been manipulated by the media and the toymakers. And the pink that is used for girly things is perhaps the one shade that I'm not that fond of. I don't wear pink though, never have. I tend more towards neutrals, same goes for paint colours. But there's nothing like a little spot of magenta or tender pink to lift the spirits. Here's hoping there's a little pink somewhere in your day.


  1. Ooh! Great sky shot. You're right about does soothe and lift the spirit. I love the pale and pearly pinks - like the inside of some shells.

  2. I like pink flowers too, but yellow and peach are my favorites.

    I love your sweet peas and your sky shot.

  3. oh yeah--so many beautiful shades. Aren't you glad we have eyes that can see them?


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