Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This is Forest Pansy

Stephanie asked about the Forest Pansy so I'm posting some photos of this lovely tree today. It's also known as a Redbud and is a beautiful addition to the garden. It's a deciduous tree that flowers in early spring with rosy-pink flowers on bare branches. These are followed by scarlet purple leaves that mature to a maroon color. But still there is the tinge of green when the sun shines through.

The tree can take part or full sun and grows to 20 feet in height with a spread of about 25 feet. So it's very broad and can fill a corner nicely. We've placed it in the north eastern part of the yard where it will get morning and evening sun. And we've planted these yellow green choisia in front. Won't it be beautiful?

What gardeners Harry and I are becoming. It's just amazing!


  1. What a beautiful tree.

    BTW, my word verification is wedry and contrary to popular belief, I don't think this means anything.

  2. Hey Rudee, It's the opposite of we-wet. LOL.

  3. Thank you...that tree has such beautiful leaves. And the choisia in front is a great contrast.

    I'm always happy to help people have a laugh. My word is shingshe which reminds me of 'thank you' in Mandarin - that's me grinning!


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