Saturday, June 27, 2009

A sweet gift

Jamie made this beautiful thing for me as a gift. Isn't is lovely? It's a coffee tamper. He saw one in a coffee shop and decided that he could create one using the lathe at the bike shop where he works. He went to a hardwood specialty store, chose the walnut and laminated it together for the handle. He's done a beautiful job of designing it: the handle's perfect for my hand and the the tamp fits the size of our espresso machine's coffee holder. I'll enjoy this every time I make coffee. But more than that I'll remember the sweetness of my grown-up boy.


  1. Grown-up boys are the best. Makes me wish I drank coffee...that's a beautiful tool.

  2. He's very talented. He could pursue that woodworking line of work for spinners. Google niddy-noddy and take a look at what they cost. I bet they only cost a few cents to make.

    Yes, boys can be special in surprising ways.


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