Friday, June 19, 2009

Planting, planting, planting

This has been a long, long week of planting and we're still not finished. Yesterday and today we planted 200 little pots of Uva Ursi, among other things. It's a native plant that we're using for ground cover, also known as Bear Berry or Kinkinick. We are both so tired that we can barely move. Rain is predicted for the weekend and we're hoping that it will be heavy enough that we can take a little break from all this planting.

By the way, the tree in this photo is the Japanese Snowbell, also known as Styrax Japonica. We've planted it so we can see it right outside the living room window. It has the prettiest white flowers that are now dropping prettily into the garden.

We've met more of our neighbours this week than in the entire three years we've been here. Everyone stops to comment on the change in our front yard.


  1. You can have some of our rain.

  2. Tha rain will be good for the new plantings, too.


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