Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Curves in the front yard, color in the back

It's all about the curves. Jan and I have designed the front yard garden with a lot of swooping curves. The grass areas are curved, the planting beds are curved and the stone path is curved. Today we saw some curves come to life when the guys finished shaping the beds and brought in the rocks for along the edge of sidewalk and the path. I am thrilled. The stone path leads through the trees like a little walkway into the woods. And this is only the beginning. Tomorrow the sod will be installed and some of plants put in. We're still tracking down the trees we want but some of them will be planted tomorrow along with the shrubs. It's beginning to come together and it's going to be really pretty. It looks even better than I had hoped.

I'm also including a photo here of some blooms in the back yard. I just love the contrast of the vibrant peach of the rose with the pale mauve of the iris. Aren't flowers incredible? What a gorgeous world we live in!


  1. Oh! It's coming along so fast. I can't wait to see it all completed! Your flowers are beautiful.

  2. The change is amazing! And, you're right, those soft colors are perfect together.

  3. Yes, Rudee and Stephanie, it's incredible how quickly it's all coming together.


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