Saturday, May 2, 2009

Camas Fields

The big star of the garry oak meadows in early May is the Camas flower. It grows from a bulb and blooms like a larger star shaped bluebell, but a much deeper blue.

Native peoples who lived here in previous centuries cultivated and harvested the bulbs for food. Apparently there's also a rare mutation, the White Camas which is reputed to be poison.

In any case the Blue Camas is a big deal in Victoria. About fifteen years ago the city realized that if it didn't cut the grass in Beacon Hill Park the Camas bulbs would bloom. I still remember driving by the park and being entranced by the blue meadow. Since then I make sure to visit as as many local parks as I can while it's in bloom. These two Border Collies, litter mates to my two, are enjoying some time at Mount Tolmie Park.


  1. Great happy to have been there when they were blooming like this. The blue meadows are impressive.

  2. This is gorgeous. My sister has a picture of my niece sitting in a field of bluebells when she was just a babe. It's my favorite picture of my 24 year old niece. Those dogs are beautiful.

  3. Rudee, you're right, there's something about setting a subject in a field of blue that makes for a memorable photo.

  4. Beautiful dogs and the flowers are lovely too.


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